Getting Your Back Fixed

Few things are more frustrating than dealing with a bad back. Unfortunately, I found myself in that situation a few months back after I sprained my back lifting my baby. It was absolutely debilitating, but I knew that I was going to have to live with it. I kept trying to clean my house, look after my kids, and handle my daily chores, but the pain just kept getting worse. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended a great chiropractor that could help. He adjusted my back and things started to get better. This blog is all about the benefits of working with a professional.

Ideas For Better Posture


Many people want to have better posture, but the habit of bad posture can be hard to break. Here are some ideas that will help you have better posture. 

Try an Exercise Ball for Sitting

If you are one if the hordes of people with a desk job, keeping good posture through the day is probably challenging. An exercise ball can help you to effortlessly have better posture; it forces you to use your core in order to keep yourself afloat. You also won't be tempted to lean back in your seat. 

Visit a Chiropractor

Regular visits to a chiropractor can help you improve your posture. First of all, the chiropractor can show you the proper ways to stand, sit, and sleep for excellent posture. The chiropractor can then monitor your progress as you learn the muscle memory of having excellent posture. 

Your chiropractor will also check for spinal issues that could affect your good posture. If your spinal alignment is off, then this can cause one side of your muscle groups to contract more than the others, causing you to naturally have poor posture. A chiropractic adjustment can help to correct this problem; the chiropractor uses manual or assisted force to adjust the vertebrae back into their proper position.

Try a Posture Monitoring System

There are a few gadgets that have come on the market to help with forming new posture habits. These can be clipped onto your clothing and set to recognize an "ideal" posture. If you deviate too far from the ideal posture, the device will buzz and remind you to sit up straight. While these could be cumbersome to wear all the time, they are a great way to form that initial habit of sitting up straight. 

Change Your Sleep Habits

Especially if you are a stomach sleeper, your sleep habits could be affecting your posture. Sleeping on the stomach can put pressure on your back, which can affect your ability to have good posture. Undoing sleep patterns is a very gradual process, since you'll have to unlearn your innate sleep patterns. You can slowly make the change by starting out each night in the new sleep position, and moving back to that position whenever you wake up somewhere else. 

These tips can help you to keep your attention on having better posture, so that you are able to stick with your new habits. Learning to have better posture can take some time, but the health results are often worth it.  Besides using personal interventions to correct your posture, a regular chiropractic adjustment can help to correct posture for the better. To find out more, contact a company like Gerleman Chiropractic Office.


7 December 2015